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Meet the team: Sunday volunteer Nat

Hello Nat! So tell us, what made you decide to volunteer at Camrose and how did you find out about us?

Whilst visiting my auntie in Kent we got talking about the work she does with her local homeless charity, and it made me curious about what services/charities we have in Basingstoke. A quick Facebook search later and the next thing I knew I had signed up!

What’s your day job outside of Camrose?

Outside of Camrose I’m a nurse specialising in frailty. I’ve worked at Hampshire hospitals for over 20 years working my way up from receptionist to health care assistant through to the registered nurse role I love today.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Camrose?

I enjoy meeting such a wide range of people whom I would  not normally have crossed paths with. Meeting such a wide diversity of people has forced me to self-reflect on my preconceived thoughts of our homeless and vulnerably housed community and in turn have been able to share what I’ve learned with people around me hopefully breaking own misconception’s.

Feeling that I’m doing something to help local community is also great.

Have there been any challenges and have you learnt any new skills?

Cooking for more than a couple of people has been my biggest challenge and new skill. Also realising how transferable my other skills are. Being in the midst of our cold and wet winter, and knowing how this will impact many of our clients is challenging emotionally but being part of a safe warm space helps in small way.

If you had to describe Camrose in three words what would they be?

  • Non-judgmental
  • Friendly
  • Supportive

Nat Camrose

Thank you Nat!

If you’d like to join Nat and give volunteering a try with us, please do get in touch!