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Our aim is to promote fulfilling lifestyles, emotional wellbeing and support long-term changes for those experiencing the effects of homelessness, mental and physical ill-health, poverty, substance misuse, domestic violence, unemployment, exploitation and social isolation.

About Us

The Camrose Centre runs drop-in sessions every week of the year. We can offer short-term relief in the form of shelter, food, clothing and a shower for homeless and vulnerably housed people in Basingstoke and Deane.

We welcome people aged 18 and over from all backgrounds, who are sleeping rough, homeless or who are having difficulty coping
financially, socially or emotionally with modern life in settled accommodation.

By offering an inclusive and non-judgmental service we guide clients to improve their self-reliance, safety and health and ultimately to change their lives. We encourage those in need to identify and take positive steps towards change by offering a range of support and advisory services.

We welcome cash donations to help run the centre. Individuals can donate online using the button. For corporate donations, please contact us for our bank details

Every Person Has A Story

Tom came to Camrose for advice on a debt, incurred by a company that he owned before having a breakdown and becoming homeless. We had helped Tom recover from many issues relating to his homelessness and mental health, but having received a substantial bill from HMRC he now felt that it was time to address the debt.

Camrose signposted Tom to Citizens Advice who advised filing for bankruptcy, the fee for which Tom would need to raise himself.

Staff at Camrose, knowing that he had served in the military, also referred Tom to Veterans’ Gateway. As a result of this then met and worked with a representative of the armed forces’ charity SSAFA, who had agreed to investigate raising the funds for the bankruptcy.

Our team obtained all the necessary paperwork from the DWP and the bank statements and other proof of income and outgoings needed by SSAFA. The outcome was that SSAFA agreed to pay the bankruptcy fee in full and passed the information to Tom’s case worker at Citizens Advice.

Tom continues to visit Camrose for conversations and companionship, which also allows volunteers and staff to ensure that he is adjusting to his improving circumstances.