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Meet the team: Jen Taylor

Jen Taylor has volunteered at Camrose for a long time and has recently successfully applied to become our new Support Worker! Congratulations Jen! We took five minutes to ask Jen about her role.

So Jen, you’re not new to Camrose! How long have you been a part of the charity and what has your work consisted of until now? 

I’ve been part of Camrose for 4 years. I’ve mainly worked in the kitchen but I’ve stepped into other volunteering roles as and when required. Most recently I’ve been a bank support worker covering for sickness and holidays. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 
I love spending time with my amazing family; they are my number one priority. I also enjoy gardening, keeping fit & travelling. 

What do you find special about Camrose?
There is an amazing camaraderie between all the staff and volunteers at Camrose. The commitment is commendable. We work in a happy atmosphere and enjoy making our clients feel someone genuinely cares; which we do. I’m also often taken aback by the generosity of our donors. The donations we receive are sometimes over whelming. 
Our clients feel safe and regularly come to sessions with positive feedback. They are always grateful and I feel we genuinely make a difference; no matter how small. 

Whats been your biggest challenge so far? 
Managing personality traits and learning how to talk to clients with a variety of needs. I’m also learning how to manage difficult situations calmly. 

How do you feel about being our new Support Worker? 
I’ve been keen to get more involved in helping our clients with any problems they encounter so to now be doing that is fantastic. 
I’m becoming more understanding and sympathetic the more I learn and know. 
I’m excited to get to grips with Universal Credit & PIP. There is so much for me to learn but I’m excited to be doing that. 

Describe Camrose in 3 words
Jen Taylor