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Meet the team: Sunday volunteer Ellie

Volunteers come from all walks of life and our volunteers are no exception. If you’re thinking about learning some new skills, meeting new people or just want to ‘give something back’, we hope that our posts give you some food for thought. Here we chat to one of our Sunday volunteers Ellie.

Hello Ellie! What made you decide to volunteer at Camrose and how did you hear about us?

I had been wanting to do some volunteer work for a long time but hadn’t really known where to start. I then came across a post on Facebook about Camrose and decided this was it, I enquired about volunteering that same day. It was the best decision!

Can you tell us a bit about your day job?

During the week, I work as a Payroll Assistant.

What roles have you undertaken at Camrose?

I have assisted our clients by making up food packs for clients to take away with them, finding fresh, fitting clothes, making breakfast and hot drinks and my favourite part, being a listening ear to those who rarely get truly listened to.

What’s been the most enjoyable part of your volunteering experience so far?

Without a doubt- the people. Everyone, clients, staff and volunteers are all wonderful. The people make it feel like an extension of home, a place where you are always welcome.

Have you picked up any new skills?

I have learnt (and am still learning) to recognise what kind of support individuals require from me on that specific day.

If you had to sum up Camrose in three words what would you say?





If you’d like to give volunteering a try with us, please do get in touch!