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Volunteer Q&A: Sunday volunteer Chris Knight

We caught up with Chris Knight who volunteers at Camrose on Sundays.


Hello Chris! So tell us, what’s your day job?

I am the Service Manager for Ferrari/Maserati based in Egham.

What made you decide to volunteer for Camrose?

I volunteered at St Michael’s Cottage at Christmas and was recommended to you by one of the other volunteers Caroline. I so enjoyed helping and wanted to do more so I contacted Mike (Camrose’ Chair of Trustees).

What have you enjoyed most about volunteering so far?

Being able to give something back. I understand more how some people find themselves in this position. It’s nice to be able to help no matter how little and to show some respect.

Have you learnt any new skills?

Indeed. I have had some amazing tips from the wonderful people who cook and this has helped me to develop my own cooking skills.

Would you recommend volunteering to anyone thinking about it and why?

How ever much time you can spare it is just so worthwhile. Every time I work at Camrose I always feel incredibly humble. Camrose is also very well organised and the other volunteers are such nice people.

Can you sum up The Camrose Centre in 3 words?

Supportive, Kind, Safe.

In summary my experience has given me a different perspective on life which has totally changed my view on how we live our lives.

Chris Knight