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A day in the life of…a Support Worker


What’s it like working for a charity and helping others day to day? We thought we’d ask our staff and volunteers a bit about themselves and what their day to day job really entails. It might even inspire some people to work or volunteer in the charity sector! First up is Charlotte our Support Worker:

So Charlotte what does being a Support Worker entail?

I am there to support Clare (Farrow) in her role as Centre Manager. I help our clients to fill in forms, answer questions about benefits, look up information, listen to them, chat to them. I help set up the hall and put everything back at the end of the day. I think it’s important also to support the volunteers; to chat to them and help them. I’ve cooked, cleaned, helped to fundraise, written blogs. Basically if it needs doing and I can do it I’ll do it!

How long have you worked at Camrose?

Since September 2020

What job did you do before this one?

Before this I worked at the Citizens Advice Bureau. I was employed to advise on universal credit mainly but I also trained in debt management.

Prior to this I have been an assistant manager in a charity shop, I was a social worker at the hospital, I’ve been a carer on/off since I was 17 in care homes, in the community with older people (with and without dementia) & younger disabled people. I’ve never lost my love for caring.

I’ve also had a number of voluntary roles.

What would your colleagues say are your special talents?

Talking 😉 I also have a dirty laugh. I like to sing while I work. I enjoy anything creative. I’ve started weeding out the front of Camrose. I can bake.

I’m just willing to muck in wherever needs which I hope is helpful.

What do you find most rewarding working at The Camrose?

Knowing that the smallest act can mean the biggest thing in a persons life. Something simple such as providing a piece of knowledge, making a phone call, listening to a problem or sharing a joke.

Any day to day challenges?

Office space sometimes.

Making sure clients have privacy in an open hall if it’s needed. We do have screens which is helpful.

The restrictions of Covid at the moment.

How would you sum up your job in three words?

Honestly? Totally awesome 🙂