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Case study: Colin’s story

Colin* found himself at the top of a cliff, contemplating suicide as his only way out of the situation.

This was two weeks before Colin found help at The Camrose Centre.

He couldn’t eat.

He couldn’t sleep.

He couldn’t see how his life was going to change.

Colin had found himself homeless after a relationship breakdown. Colin was also subject to the criminal justice system for the first time resulting in the loss of his job.  He was naturally terrified for his future and bewildered as to how to navigate the various systems he needed to.

Colin was welcomed into The Camrose Centre. He was given practical items to help him get by, given support to liaise with housing and probation and most importantly, we listened to him without judgement, without expectation and with genuine concern.

Colin grew in confidence. He was able to move into supported housing, he worked with probation and also volunteered at Camrose, completing his probation hours. Following this, he secured himself full time employment.

In the year Colin was with Camrose, he went from seeing no way forward, to turning his life around. The practical and emotional support he received from the staff and volunteers at Camrose was a key a part of his recovery.

“I found the Camrose Centre during the most difficult time of my life. While talking with support staff and volunteers I finally felt that I was being listened to without any judgement. The staff made me feel human again and helped me see that I have a lot to offer, which paved the way for me to turn my life around” – Colin


If you or anyone you know is facing problems like Colin, please do get in touch with us here at Camrose, where the team are waiting to help and support you.

*Colin’s name has been changed to protect his identity